Sit back and relax as we take you on a little adventure and tell the story of one Lawrence county’s most beloved gathering places. The Cascade Park story is one of perseverance and reinvention. There exists a strong sense of place here, perhaps due to the memories of what was – maybe echos of the native Americans who camped here before the region was settled, the vaudeville acts under the stars during the roaring 20’s, or perhaps the century of thrill seekers screaming aboard the amusement rides.  Despite decades of being used and sometimes abused, Cascade Park remains as a refuge to those seeking a small escape, always there, and immortalized as a city-owned asset.

Cascade Park is a piece of the a cultural heritage – durable and everlasting, like the glacial rocks that jut out of the sides of the ravines within.  It’s survived decades of never-ending cultural changes in America and drastically changing demographic shifts in the region. While the amenities offered at Cascade have changed over the decades, steadfast features demonstrate the part of the human psyche that forever needs tending to.  The intoxicating views, smells, and sounds of the trees, thick brush, the falls, stream, and even the wildlife calm the soul, now, just as they always have.

The present-day Cascade Park, without its colorful, whirling amusement rides, is more of a throwback to the days of its founding.  Occasionally, you can still catch a big band dance in Rainbow Terrace (the large Victorian dance pavilion), enjoy the beautiful waterfalls that earned the park its name, stroll the tree-line grounds, and enjoy an Italian ice.

Hundreds of similar places across the United States have long gone while Cascade Park remains. Bully for those who have recognized and voiced concern for its value. Until the 1930s it was privately owned and could have disappeared when its parent company dissolved. We are lucky to have Cascade Park as a reminder of a rich past and of the changing times.

Hopefully this website helps visitors relive some memories, learn something new, and have a little fun. If you have memories, film footage, photos, souvenirs, or anything that you would like to contribute and share, please email us.


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