All of the following are Cascade Park memories that have been Emailed to Mike’s Historic Amusement Parks.   If you have memories of your own, please email them to us!

All of the following are Cascade Park memories that have been Emailed to Mike’s Historic Amusement Parks.   If you have memories of your own, please email them to us!

I grew up with the fully functional Cascade Park. I’m 43 and remember it as a kid, then as a teenager, they had bands play at the bottom of the hill behind the Pavillion, and we all laid out on the hill- natural ampitheatre.

As a member of the New Castle Jaycees in the 1980s, we held our annual Haunted House in the Pavillion, and our summer meetings in the building were bingos were played (across from the restrooms down the hill).

I’d love to see someone clear out the overgrowth around the falls and cascades for which the park got its name. It is beautiful.

-Mike Banko

My whole family being from nearby Ellwood City used to always go out to Cascade Park. I haven’t been there since 1976, and I am so glad to know that someone cared enough to restore the park and put this information on the Internet as well.  The Comet was so unique because of the gorge it went over.

The carousel was one of the best ever. The scenery around the park made it really beautiful. I now live in Canoga Park, California.  We have Six Flags Magic Mountain, but Cascade is still unique in comparison, more quaint, not as commercialized.

-Trisha Gorman

I have plenty of Cascade Park memories of my own.  I am only 4 years your junior, so they are similar. My family held it’s family reunion there every summer in the picnic pavillion area. I remember skipping rocks in the creek that fed the (then) lake and riding the Comet roller coaster and the Tumble Bug.  As Pre-Teens my friends and I would bicycle up Cascade street to the park where we’d swim all afternoon.  I got many sunburns and freckles there!

As an older teen, I remember the summer concert series.  I, too, remember sitting on the hill and listening to songs like “Smoke On The Water”.  In High School, I attended the Jaycee’s Haunted House. I’ve eaten many an ice cream cone from the ice cream vendor at the front of the park.  In the winter, I ice skated on Cascade lake with friends and family.   I also sat at its edge and watched fireworks every Fourth of July.  My goodness, your web page provoked quite a few good memories.

I too grew up in New Castle and remember fun-filled days at Cascade Park as a child in the 50’s/60’s.  I remember boat rides on the lake with my dad and younger brother, ferris wheel rides on a wheel squeezed right up almost into the hillside, and feeling jealous of the people “brave” enough to ride the Comet.  I never rode coasters in those days, but do now.  What I wouldn’t give to be able to take a ride on the Comet!

Just a few days ago I was back in New Castle and I made a stop at Cascade Park.  I stood overlooking the area where the Comet was.  Never did I realize how beautiful the creek down below was!  I didn’t know there were falls down there!!!!  I stood there with tears in my eyes, wanting so much to push back the hands of time.  What a beautiful ride that must have been down into the gorge below.

I have been to many parks and live near Cedar Point, but what I wouldn’t give to be able to step back in time and visit Cascade Park once more!

-Jo Andres

My father took my brothers, sister, and I to Cascade many times throughout our childhood, sadly we watched the park deteriorate and knew that it was only a matter of time before the rides would be gone.  I am glad that the City has kept the picnic groves and such open, but I hear the swimming pool was purchased by the YMCA and is only available to “Y” members.  The reason I am writing is to ask if you have any pictures or home movies of Cascade Park for sale?  I would love to purchase any material you have, as I rarely get “home” to New Castle and this park brings back so many memories of life in New Castle. 

My father used to refer to “The Comet” as “The Gorge” and I never knew what he was talking about, your “Ride History” cleared that up for me, as the  Gorge preceded the Comet.  Was it a similar ride?  I have yet to ride a coaster that takes you into an immediate drop, without the chain lift, and holds the chain lift to the end.  I have ridden many coasters throughout my life, and I know it may be nostalgia, but the Comet is still one of my favorites.  Did anything from the Comet survive?  It is so sad that the tracks were dismantled.  Sadly, many amusement parks  in Western A have faced a similar fate, as is Conneaut Lake which appears to be struggling for its survival also. 


My father was a priest at the Ukrainian Orthodox Church around the corner from Cascade Park.  My sister was born in New Castle, Pa… I know I visited the park a number of times, but don’t have many distinct memories about it.

I do, however, have some strong memories of sitting in the front porch of the parish house, watching fireworks on July 4th… and catching lightning bugs before the show started.