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The Comet was among Cascade Park’s most famous attractions ever. This coaster featured a unique layout in that as soon as the trains left the station, there was an immediate drop into the ravine with the chain lift in the middle of the ride. The journey the Comet had through Cascade Park was scenic as it dipped in and out of the lowest part of the ravine, turned around over the picnic groves, and ran very close to the trees.


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  • Designer Builder: Paul Vesco
  • Constructed in 1955
  • Rolling Stock: National Amusement Devices (NAD) 
  • Length: 2400′ 
  • Height: 65′
  • Drop: 60′ 
  • Max Vertical Angle: 55 Degrees

This is not a Comet train, but it is the same, N.A.D. model that ran on the Comet roller coaster.


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The beginning of the end of the Comet was when a tree fell across the track, causing significant damage in addition to vandalism resulting in the trains being pushed out of the station, causing them to valley at the bottom of the ravine section of track. After the ride’s removal, remnants remained throughout the property for quite some time. Sections of laminated track lay at the the foot of the ravine on the north side of the Big Run, along with track footers, the bridges over the creek, some of the station platform, and the steel gear box housing at the top of where the lift hill was. The Comet is a part of history and still rides in the memories of many.


Decades after the Comet’s removal, remnants can be found throughout the park. 

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The I-beam bridges still stand at the bottom of the ravine.

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